Bromo Tour Package for Family

Going on a holiday with the family can be such a hassle. From planning the locations to thinking what things you should buy and you should not buy for the relatives back home, most of the time you will get dizzy just imagining the future about having to plan such things before even reserving hotels or getting accommodations to the place. But worries aside, please. If you are interested in visiting Mount Bromo for your next quick holiday getaway from the big city, this Bromo tour package that we will explain might be just the right one for you and your family. Who knows? Keep reading and let us find out!

Pick a homestay

Homestay is a cheap alternative if you want to stay for longer than a day, especially if you are with your family. No need to worry about your kids annoying the room next to you, you get the full house for yourself, from the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and sometimes hot water if you are lucky. Be really careful, though, sometimes a homestay isn’t really that better than cheap hotels, so do really deep research before you hit the agreement.

Rent a jeep

Kids can’t walk far without crying or complaining. That’s common sense to know for every parent. So if you visit Mount Bromo without bringing any vehicle but want to see the sunrise from the tip of the mountain, what can you do? Well, there are many locals who rent a jeep for visitors. Ask the locals about where to rent one and they will be happy to help you.

Tickets to Taman Nasional Bromo

This should get into consideration if you want to visit Mount Bromo, of course. Don’t worry, if you get a Bromo tour package usually it will include the tickets.
Domestic visitor Rp 27.500,-
International visitor Rp 217.500,-
Domestic visitor Rp 32.500,-
international visitor Rp 317.500,-
The ticket includes health insurance per day.
There are tickets if you want to bring a vehicle.
Car/Jeep Rp 10.000,-
Motorcycle Rp 5.000,-
Bicycle Rp 2.000,-

Other tips
Since it is in a mountain area, it gets really, really cold. You should keep your children (and yourself for that matter) warm by bringing jackets, socks, mittens, and cap. Never let your children out of your reach because mount Bromo can be very dangerous. It is the wilderness, after all.

That’s all we can say for this Bromo tour package for the family. Are you interested in visiting Mount Bromo with your loved ones?

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