Five Figures Behind Meme Comic that hits on the Internet, who are they?

A meme is indeed one of the popular entertainment through the internet and is usually presented in the form of images and writing. The meme has become very popular because the words and illustrations used are often considered so funny. In fact, memes are also used as a form of social criticism and political satire.

From the many illustrations used, of course, you often see some of the same illustrations to make various memes. The question is who are the people whose pictures are often used as illustrative inspiration for memes? Well, here are some people who inspired various famous memes on the internet.

  1. Yao Face
    Who is not familiar with this one meme? It seems like there can’t be anyone who doesn’t know. Yao Face is a famous meme inspired by the laugh expression of NBA basketball athlete from China named Yao Ming while holding a press conference in 2009.
  2. Bad Luck Bryan
    Meme Bad Luck Brian is a meme that expresses the bad luck of a young person when doing something. Then, what is the real name of the person who was a photograph of this meme? Is it really Bryan’s name?
    Of course not. The real name of the young man who was the photo of the meme illustration of Bad Luck Bryan is Kyle who is now a funny YouTuber video. The illustration photo is a picture of him in 7th grade in junior high school.
  3. Disaster Girl
    Surely you must know Disaster Girl Meme, right? A meme that shows the smiley expression of a girl while behind him is something that is burning violently, this indeed attracts a lot of attention and laughter.
    Then, who is that girl? The girl in this meme is actually Zoe Roth, a little girl from North Carolina who has now grown into a beautiful and adorable teenager.
  4. One Does Not Simply
    One Does Not Simply is a meme that describes the expression of a man who considers it not easy to do. This illustrated photo of meme uses a photo of the character Boromir (Sean Bean) from the film The Lords of the Ring while trying to convince his colleagues to use the power of The One Ring.
  5. You Don’t Say
    You Don’t Say is one of the famous memes used to express extraordinary shock or sarcasm responses to a statement. The picture used by meme itself is a picture of actor Nicholas Cage in the movie Vampire’s Kiss who is torturing his secretary in a style that is very annoying and truly frightening.

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